BEWITAL agri – The name stands for a modern, globally active company in the Münsterland region of western Germany. Our background of solid values, combined with our expertise in the area of animal feed stuffs, guarantees state-of-the-art quality products. We take our responsibility seriously when it comes to the role we play in the foodsupply-chain, offering our customers an optimum overall package – certified products, exclusive quality and innovative solutions made in Germany.

Since our foundation in 1963, we have placed considerable emphasis in the crucial areas of rearing and energy supply. Today, with our team in over 30 countries, the animal nutrition industry as well as specialists in the field, recognize us as a strong partner at their side when it comes to the innovative ideals behind „ The production of healthy, nutritional animal feed stuffs.“

BEWITAL agri differs immensely from other suppliers due to our 50 years experience in the area of milk replacers and special products.

We are leading in regard to research and developments in the implementation of fats in feed stuffs: In our spray tower, located in Südlohn-Oeding, we use a uniquely developed spray-freeze procedure. This allows us to produce a very fine, pourable fat powder, which is highly digestible and also optimal for further usage.