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BEWITAL agri encouraged on sustainable palm oil

Being one of the industry leading producers of fat powders and fat encapsulated specialty products for livestock purposes, BEWITAL agri actively supports the sustainable production of palm oil. The enterprise now underlined this engagement by joining the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). As an international organization, the RSPO commits to sustainable plantation and cultivation of palm oil worldwide.

Innovations at BEWITAL agri

The successful separation of the production lines for hard fats and dry blended products (e.g. milk replacer) allows us to produce more efficiently in future. Setting up a second bagging line enables us to be even more flexible and to expand our production capacities. Furthermore, at our site in Südlohn-Oeding we have expanded our fat spraying plant with new technology. This results in new opportunities for us to produce further fat encapsulated ingredients. In future, this allows us to complement our product range with interesting new products.

BEWI-SAN Prevent C

Calf diarrhoea causes considerable problems during rearing. Besides the well-known diarrhoea pathogens like e.coli, rota- and corona viruses’ studies have shown that cryptosporidium are the main cause of diarrhoea. Once a farm is infected the best colostrum management- and hygiene methods will not help.