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Feeding against heat stress | BEWITAl agri

Rumen-stable fat is ahighly concentrated energy source for dairy cows, that does not irritate rumen function or generates warmth during digestion, compared to carbohydrates.

BOKU Symposium: BEWITAL agri wins 2nd poster price

This years´ BOKU-Symposium Animal Nutrition in Vienna, Austria, was under the headline of the “carbohydrates in animal nutrition”. The scientific poster with the title "Effects of different palmitic acid contents in rumen stable fat powders on milk fatty acid profile in Holstein cows" of Dr. Jan Voss and Dr. Michael Hovenjürgen won the 2nd price.

Here you can get the detailed results of this study.


The inclusion of BEWI-LACTO+ Amino LM in dairy feeds allows a decrease in crude protein content without performance losses and an increased nitrogen efficiency in protein reduced rations. Consequently, the reduced excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus maximizes the economic result of the dairy farmer.