BEWI-MILK® Protect

BEWI-MILK® Protect

The premium product for rearing

During the first weeks of life a high infection pressure is one of the main challenges on many farms (e.g. causes by cryptosporidia). In addition, calves are highly sensitive for diseases (e.g. diarrhea, respiratory diseases).

BEWI-MILK Protect has been specifically developed to support health and resistance against e.g. diarrhea and respiratory diseases during the first weeks of life.

  • High premium Milk replacer with 60 % of skim milk powder

  • Optimal supply of milkprotein and energy for rearing calves, for utilization of the complete genetic performance potential in the first weeks of life

  • Effective reduction of inflammatory processes and support the immune system by phytogenic additives

  • Oregano essential oils have antimicrobial and digestive benefits

  • Suitable for automatic feeders

  • BEWITAL-Vitality-System (BVS 2.0) supports the immune system

60 % skim milk powder
22,5 % crude protein
18 % crude fat